Maunawili Falls Trail

Printable maps may be found online:

Department of Land and Natural Resources website for printable maps >>

Please remember there are many forks in the trail, some of which can lead you on long, confusing hikes that can turn dangerous as night falls.  Please stay on the main trail for the sake of safety.


There are many apps for smartphones that could help you avoid getting lost in the thick foliage of the Maunawili Falls Trail area. Many forks and other intersecting trails exist that can mislead you. To avoid this, your phone can be a great resource. Many phones can read GPS coordinates with free apps.  Apps can be found for your phone to help you navigate the trail.  Look on iTunes apps for an iPhone, or on Google Play for Android apps. Here is a small list of the apps I have personally used that could be useful on the trail. Doubtless, there are many others that would be helpful for you: app: (iPhone, Android, & Windows Phone compatible) The Geocaching App is great because you can go geocaching, but it can also locate your coordinates and tell you which way you are facing. It has some rudimentary maps - not nearly as detailed as an actual trail map, but helpful if you get lost.

GPS finder: can locate your coordinates and directionality. type the coordinates into Google Earth or Google Maps. This app doesn't have any maps of its own.

Runkeeper: This app has the ability to record the route you take on a map, so you can easily retrace your steps.

Google Maps/ Google Navigation: Can at least show you where you are in relation to the neighborhood if you enable the GPS setting on your phone. I have the GPS coordinates of the trailhead listed below.

If nothing else, you can take photos of the trail as you go along, making sure to indicate which fork you took so you can retrace your steps (perhaps by pointing at the correct fork or having a buddy stand on the trail to indicate the appropriate path). The trail is really popular, so choosing the path that is the widest is usually the right way.



If you get lost, enter the following coordinates as your destination, and you should be able to find your way back to the beginning of the trail:

Maunawili Falls Road to the Trailhead Entrance: 21° 21.56’ N 157° 45.806’ W

Maunawili Falls Trailhead: 21° 21.547’ N 157° 45.748’ W

The road leading to the trail looks like the photo below. After a very short walk (approximately 70 feet), you will see the entrance to the dirt trail veering off the road to the right. There are no tresspassing signs posted directly after the trailhead. The road is private, so make sure not to miss the entrance to the actual trail. Stay on that trail and try to look for small brown signs with yellow arrows to indicate the correct forks. For a guide complete with GPS coordinates and photos of all the major forks on the official trail, please see the Maunawili Trail Guide

Maunawili Falls Trailhead