Maunawili Falls Trail


My goals for this site:

1. Alert hikers about the primitive state of the facilities so they can plan accordingly for comfort and sanitation.

2. Lessen the impact of litter on the trail.

3. Offer some helpful safety advice so that hikers can better avoid getting lost, ill, or injured.

4. Alleviate parking issues and other impacts on the neighborhood.

5. Help the beauty of the trail to last by encouraging visitors to respect the land.

6. Provide this information to the widest audience possible so that the majority of the visitors can hike safely.

Hiking in Hawaii can be dangerous because of the massive amounts of rain that make for slippery hikes, the flash floods that cause the river to swell, the exposed tree roots that twist ankles, the natural pools that entice people to take risks with jumps, and the lush foliage that can baffle people who are unfamiliar with the terrain. The local residents know these risks, but feel that the visitors often come unprepared.

Maunawili trail was not designed to be a large tourist attraction. It lacks many of the facilities that some other trails possess. There are no bathrooms, no trash, no faucets or hoses to clean mud, so it is causing unique challenges in the area. This site is meant to rectify some of those challenges by educating visitors to help them successfully plan a trip that will leave nothing but footprints and great memories.

Please be aware that although Wendy has benefitted from the input of many others, and her own experience hiking on the trail, all information is given in an unofficial capacity and with the inevitable bias of one person's viewpoint. This information is simply a courtesy, and should not be considered authoritative enough to incur liability, nor is it comprehensive of every possible danger on the trails. Please do extensive research before attempting any trails on Oahu (especially any high ridge trails which carry many additional dangers). If you feel that you need a professional guide in order to hike Maunawili trail, it is an unfortunate reality that commercial guides are not permitted to conduct tours, so a similar hike to Manoa Falls or Waimea Falls with a guide will provide an opportunity to enjoy similar scenery with the safety of a professional leader.

Mahalo for reading the information on this site! We hope you have a safe and memorable visit!